How to test my own binding under OH2 b1?

I am working on a ZoneMinder binding and have now reached a state where the basics is done. Next step is some more realistic test, e.g. in my on test setup. In OpenHAB 1 I would just drop the jar in the addons folder and then (if required) add a config section to openhab.cfg. In OH2 I see online and offline distros, and it is unclear to me how (if it is possible) I can create a running instance of OH2 with my new binding. Is that possible or can somebody suggest what to do?

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This is possible exactly the same way as for openHAB 1 - simply drop it in the addons folder (see here).

´My machine crashed last evening, while eclipse was running, now I realize that it seems like the Windows crash is causing some issues. When I change in my project the jar isn’t recompiled, even when I am forcing a clean.
But I can see that my binding is showing up in when writing ‘list’ at the karaf prompt.

Thanks for the quick answer.

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