How to test zwave security in OH2?

@chris, is there a way for the average Joe like me to test the security command class that is nearing completion for OH2? I’ve investigated your past posts and the zwave repo and I’m not seeing any obvious way to test the latest and greatest. I saw one reference to a security branch, but don’t see it in the repo. I’d like to try the binding with a schlage lock if you are accepting testers.


+1 :slight_smile:

If the binding is complete when OpenHAB 2 is released (planned for Jan 22) then that is awesome on its own.

FYI Chris posted here on the topic:

Unfortunately it won’t be in the 2 release. The development branch has a lot of changes and while it seems to be working well for me and a couple of others who are testing, I wouldn’t want to merge it into master without a lot more testing…

I’d be happy to help test.

Note that Chris is now offering the binding fit testing here