How to toggle edit mode for habPanel in openhab 3?

In openhab 2.5 it was possible to lock or unlock habPanel edit mode in Paper UI by navigating to system/ui/habPanel and toggling a switch. However: I can’t find a corresponding option in openhab 3. Is it missing?

HabPanel is momentarily locked in my installation, so I’m unable to do any changes. How can I toggle edit mode for habPanel in openhab 3?

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Same issue here

i have the same problem, have you solved it?

not sure, but maybe you just change the flag lockEditing=B"false" directly in the config file


However, HABpanel/OH3 uses now this file:


It took me a while to figure it out. First you have to login at the MainUI then choose HABPanel with the icon in the right upper corner.
Then you can edit your HABPanel.

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yes this works, if you log in from the main panel, but the panel remains editable

I’d like to push this up again. I finally moved to openhab 3.1.0.M2. However, I’m still unable to unlock editing for HabPanel:

  • I can’t find a way enabling HabPanel using the UI
  • The hints provided by Oliver2 don’t help as none of the two mentioned files contain any property regarding locking editing.

Can anyone help me?

Have you logged into the MainUI? Only then you can acces the HABpanel in edit mode.

Damned - you rescued my day!

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