How to transfer data from your own sensors to openHab via 433mhz

Hello, everybody,

I would like to implement the following (The hardware is not a problem, but the integration into openhab 2):
I want to measure the room temperature with a small Attiny and transfer it to openHAB (Raspberry pi) using 433mhz. For example, the data should be displayed graphically.

Because I turn off my Fritzbox from time to time I cannot transfer the measurement data via WLAN. In addition, the Attiny and the 433mhz enable me to achieve a significantly longer battery life than with WLAN devices (e.g. ESP8266).

So my question:
How can I integrate the measurement data from Attiny into openHab2 using 433mhz? Unfortunately I have not yet found a way to integrate measurement data from my own sensors into openHAB.

Thanks for your help and ideas :slight_smile:

In general, you have quite a few options, there are specific bindings, for example for RFXcom, pilight, RCswitch and I probably missed some: just search
Then there is MQTT, there are quite a few options for 433 to MQTT (just google it) and OH2 has an MQTT binding.

You could use:

Or if you really what to stick with 433MHz, try:

I use a solution based on RCswitch (on Arduino) and a ESP device (WeMini) to use a cheap PIR Sensor with battery (433 Mhz). The RCSwitch software runs on a Arduino ProMini (3.3 Volt), the Mini is connected Tx Pin to the RX Pin from the WeMin. On the WeMin the Firmware TASMOTA is installed. With the implemented function Serial Bridge i get every decoded signal as a mqtt message…
In your case just connect the RF 433 solution as @lipp_markus mentioned to your PI and your nearly done. But i like the idea to have a wireless Bridge/Repeater from RF433 to WIFI.
My new Switches (Sonoff) are Wifi driven direct via mqtt (TASMOTA Firmware)

With that setup i can switch my Wifi devices with any old or cheap RF433 Remotes (OH Rule…).
The WAF factor is much better not to be purged to use a tablet or a mobile phone to switch the main light on and off.