How to trigger an alarm at fibaro wall plug?

i don´t know how to configurate a fibaro wall plug as an alarm notification (led ring changes colors).
How can I trigger an alarm event for the wall plug?
For example: Start the alarm event (led ring cahnges color) when i open a door


You can’t, you misunderstood that function.
The wall plug itself will trigger an alarm when power usage exceeds the configured threshold.
If you want the lamp to be plugged in to blink or some such, you have to use rules and trigger upon your door sensor.

You need to find your specific Fibaro Wall Plug device (firmware version) in the database, then look for any available ALARM channels like in this example:

This is for the older FGWP 101

If the channel for your specific device is not available you need to add that channel to the database. How to do that:

Basically this is of course correct. But I think the OP was referring to the LED ring alarm illumination.
For some devices (on special request), those channels have been made available because those don’t exist by default.

Not sure I understand your point. Channels are there to send alarms from the plug into the ZWave network.
I think OP wants the plug to blink if the door opens.
You could achieve this if the door sensor was to send ALARM as a broadcast to the network, then all devices including the plug can react upon, you just have to appropriately configure them (parameter #30 etc for the plug).
That would work without OH/controller taking its part, which is a reason why I wouldn’t recommend doing this.
But you cannot generate an alarm from the controller, I think, to “turn on” the ring illumination.

My point is (and I don’t know if that is also the point from the OP):
By sending a number to the notification_send channel you can start the alarm illumination on the LED ring on the FGWP, for example in a rule triggering if the door opens.

If I have some more spare time in the next days or so I will test this :grinning:

Okay, here is way how to do it.


Number FibWPlug1_LED_Color_ON { channel="zwave:device:uzb:node41:config_decimal_param61" } //LED Color if device is ON
Number FibWPlug1_LED_Color_OFF { channel="zwave:device:uzb:node41:config_decimal_param62" } //LED Color if device is OFF

testing on a sitemap:

Selection item=FibWPlug1_LED_Color_ON label="Color" mappings=[3="Red",4="Green",5="Blue"] //see manual for more colours

Now you just need to define a rule which alternately lights the different colours triggering on a door open item.

Wow, much input for me. Thanks

@sihui I tried your items-configurations with config_decimal_param41 (because i have FGWP102) but it doesn´t seems to have any effect, so i can´t update the parameters on this way.
Is there something to do or to be noted?