How to turn off openhabian or raspberry pi

Is there any way to turn off openhabian or raspberry pi with a set duration, say 1 month.

Any software that you can install in raspberry pi, or with openhabian, that you can set to turn off after 1 month?

It could be done pretty easily with OS scripts that are beyond the topic for this forum. A Debian or Raspian forum would be more appropriate.

It is unclear what you want to “turn off” so your question does not make sense. And it makes us victims to the XY problem.

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In case you would like to turn off / shutdown the Rpi after one month you could use:

echo shutdown -h now | at now + 1 month

executed as user root.
In case you would like to turn on / off a switch then replace “shutdown -h now” with a shell script that is executable and contains commands that use the REST API.
at now +1 month will execute the command / shell in 1 month from the point in time the echo command was executed.

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