How to update a single addon?

I’m running the latest release 2.4 version, but is it still possible to update a single addon if there are only small bugs in the current version?

I don’t want any great changes in the runtime, e.g. by milestone updates, but the small bugs in the addon should be fixed as soon as possible. Can I replace the addon manually from the snapshot repository?

I would update to the latest snapshot and then just freeze the version. There haven’t been any changes in the core since 2.4.

But can I ensure that there are no problems with other addons? So I would have to check all addons for changes? Is that right?

Over the holidays it is not likely that much happened, but yeah theoretically you would need to check for changes on each addon.

@ysc Would it be possible and does it make sense to add a link to the jar on each binding documentation page to the latest snapshot version? The jfrog / bintray path is known anyway. An alternative could be a link on the download page, leading to a matrix looking like this:

Binding openHAB 2.3 openHAB 2.4 openHAB snapshot Latest dev version
example jar jar jar jar

Possible, probably, but I’m not a fan of having download links on documentation pages tbh. Some people will think they have to download the addon they need to add it to their install.
A separate table in a dedicated page makes more sense.