How to Update Documentation for Xiaomi Binding

Hi guys, just went through the installation of my gateway according to this documentation:

I had an issue following the tutorial, since this section doesn’t seem valid for the firmware on my gateway:

Enable developer mode:
Select your Gateway in the MiHome app
Go to the “…” menu on the top right corner and click “About”
Tap the version number “Version : 2.XX” at the bottom of the screen repeatedly until you enable developer mode

it seems that in the current firmware (1.4.1_151.0143) you have to double/triple tap the “About” screen a couple of times before the hidden firmware numbers show up. See below screenshot

After that you click into the entry with the numbers and activate the developer mode as described. Took me ages to figure out. Thanks to this link:

Don’t know how else to suggest this, so there you go.

file an issue here

or even better make the change and submit a pr. you can do it all in the browser for simple doc updates like this.

Hey Rich, can you explain how to do document updates in the browser? From what I can see I need to do it through something called Jekyll meaning I have to install stuff etc etc… Seems to hard…

Depends on how extensive changes you need to make. If you are adding new pages or doing major restructuring then you will want to clone the repo, make the changes to your clone and then create a PR. Jekyll would be handy in this case so you can see what your changes will look like. There are tutorials on GitHub that provide lots of details.

For minor edits, browse to the file on the repo and click the pencil icon and makes your edits. When you save it will ask if you want to create a PR. Say yes and describe what you changed and remember to sign off (i.e. put “Signed off by real name (real email)”)