How to update OH on Synology

How do I update from OH2.2 to OH 2.3 on my Synology (DS916) with keeping all my settings?
Thanks for help.

Unfortunately, there are no upgrade instructions on

and according to this: the upgrade doesn’t work.

Backup the following OH2.2.0 directories:

  • conf
  • userdata (everything except cache & tmp subdirs)

Deploy the new OH2.3.0 Synology package clean

Restore conf and userdata directories

It should work…

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Did it work?

For sure it did (we wait confirmation of course :slight_smile:) and @Knallfrosch will also write a nice howto upgrade OH2 on SDM ! That would be nice so we can update the docs entry with an upgrade section :slight_smile:

I am sorry. I have to disappoint you. It did not work. I am curently setting it up again. And this is why I am not sure how to move on for the futute. In the past I was not able to install the Z-wave stick at the DS916. So I thought to move over to a NUC. But there I had some difficulties and last week my mum´s PC did crash so I will use the NUC for her and will move on with OH2 on Synology. Theoretically this should be a good way because the NAS is a stable platform. But I have to figure out how to update. If I am now with 2.3 are able to set up the Z-Wave stick I will move over my smoke and water sensors and the great Fibaro wall plugs.Currently they are all running with the Fibaro HC2 and some nice rules (alarm when smoke, switch off power when water detection, send mail when washing mashine has finished, schedule for garden light / christmas tree…). Unfortunaltely setting up rules with Openhab is not as nice as on Fibaro HC2. There you can use a very helpful graphical tool or switch over to do coding. I prefer the grafical way.
Back to the topic: where exactly should be saved the settings rules itmes an so on on the synology station? I will try it again the next days.

what didn’t work exactly? :slight_smile:
The migration of the configs?
The installation should be a OH2.3 spk clean install… that should have worked fine… correct?
Maybe you encountered some issues when copying over the userdata contents…?

It is.

This is already available on OH 2.3 and will be further improved. Read more here: Experimental Next-Gen Rules Engine Documentation 1 of : Introduction

mainly in the conf folder. If you have used PaperUI to define Items, then in the userdata/jsondb folder.

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I did not find the userdate folder so this was not saved - and of course missing.

Experimental Next-Gen Rules Engine - I am aware of this and have played a little bit in OH 2.2 and I am keen to see how it is progressing. If you guys want to see a graphical version of a rule generator in an home automation system, that is realy good to use and that is also powerful please have a look how Fibaro has done this. If you need screenshots/examples I am happy to provide you with.

Now I do have much more foldes in the Openhab2 folder on my NAS. Before updating there were only addons and conf in the folder - all others were missing and I could not find them. So now it look´s much better. :slight_smile:

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It has come a come a very long way since 2.2 and Yannick is working on a UI that will let us build Rules similar to how NodeRed does.

Note that it is possible to use NodeRed as your rule engine now.