How to update openhab runtime automatically...?

Hi @chris

Is there any way to update openhab without loosing configurations…?
And if yes
How to do this ?


openHAB1 or openHAB2?
Apt-get install or manual install?

Chris is “only” responsible for HABmin and the zwave binding, not the openhab runtime itself.

Are you talking about openhab 1 or 2? apt-get installation or manual?

If apt-get, you only have to do:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade.

If you made a manual installation: Change over to apt-get installation. :slight_smile:

I am using openhab 1.7.0 by manually downloading from website not by installing using apt-get.

How to install using apt-get…?
Will this single command do everything…?
Does this will retain my configurations…?


See the wiki:

Yes and no. apt-get update and apt-get upgrade will update everything which was installed using this method. If you installed additional bindings simply with moving the jar file to the addons folder, they won’t be updated with apt-get.

Again: Yes and no. If you installed with apt-get, an update will retain your configurations. In your case: No, you can’t update your environment with apt-get.

I’m not familiar with manual installations. AFAIK there is no automatic way to switch over to an apt-get installation WITH retaining your configuration. What you can do: Backup all you configuration files (rules, items, sitemap, transformations etc.etc.). Then I would suggest to delete all openhab related data (runtime, config files, logs etc.). Maybe you even format your SD (assuming you installed openhab on a raspberry) and install a new OS. After that, follow the guide above to install openhab with apt-get. Alternatively try one of the many tutorials found in the web (I can recommend After that, copy your backup files back to the appropriate folders (attention: folder structure of an apt-get installation is different to a manual installation).


Thanks @jaydee73


You can backup your /config folder with its subdirectories (items, rules…) and, if needed, the webapps folder.
After that, remove your installation and install the newest version with apt-get.
When done, you only have to copy your /config folder back