How to update the Tesla Binding

Openhabian, running 3.3.0.M1 using the GUI

I try to implement PV surplus charging by manipulation the Tesla Model 3 current request. That option has been included into the Tesla IOS app since December 21. It has been included into the latest TESLA bindings too as documented in the 3.3 release notes,and has been mentioned there.
I had everything running under 3.2 and then updated to 3.3M1. Openhabian greets me with that version now. But my Tesla Binding has not changed. Would I need to de-install that binding and re-install it to see the new channel?

Did you try to recreate the Tesla things which you had in use before updating?

I am not sure what re-create means. I deleted the old ones and added them again, is that it?

Yes that is it. If a binding gets new/other channels the old things won’t get updated (at least IMHO).
Other then that an Tesla binding expert is needed.

In order to check the binding version open the karaf vonsole and use the “bundle:list” command to show all binding versions.