How to update the Z-wave binding?

HI developers… I just purchase a few Dome (DMDP2) door / window sensors, only to find our that the Openhab z-wave binding does not list this device. It does support the DMDP1 but not the 2.
I have the latest stable image for my Pi4 8GB. I am not a programmer but have managed to build a nice home automation system. Is there a way I could add to or update the z-wave binding to include my new purchases? Thank you in advance…

Short answer, is right now you cannot but I believe the website logins are supposed to be re-activated tomorrow, after recovering from server failure.

The reference guide for the community supported database is here.

If you feel this is too difficult, there are a few of us that can collect the information and enter it.

After the database is updated, we wait for it to be exported to GitHub where openHAB build process include it in a snapshot build of the binding. There is a script here on the site that can assist with manually installing the snapshot binding. Deleting the Thing from OH and re-discovering it gets the new settings.

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Bruce Thank you for the quick response. Sorry to hear about the server failure, I am a retire NOC administrator and happy I am retired. I will read through the info you supplied, but my brain doesn’t work as it use to so I may need some help. I will stand by…
BTW I love the Openhab environment, it keeps me hopping, butterflies flying in my brain, Thank you!

The developer also had a server failure at home too. Fortunately he had backup copies on a third server. Euro Space engineers love redundancy.

And they are not the only ones :upside_down_face:


Logins are again enabled on the site.