How to upgrade a OH2 distro?

I Have downloaded OH2-offline distro and installed it as a service from the Karaf shell. If i want to upgrade to the latest snapshot, how do i do? And how do I start the Karaf shell when OH2 is started as a service?

Please see the documentation for how to access the Karaf console.

The update of the OH2 installation depends on how you installed the initial version:

  • In case you did a manual installation, please check this thread.
  • Apt is currently discussed here.

Thanks for the upgrade threads.
The documentation however is just the headlines, no content yet.

Yes, it is work in prodress but the chapter “Administration -> Logging” is populated. try the navigation bar on the left side.

Thank you very much. That was usefull!
Case closed!

Do anyone know how to perform the update from the Windows environment?


Take look at the follow thread. Updating OH2 in a windows environment is covered.

I am also running under Windows 7, so let me know if you have any other questions.

Great - i’ve seen your script, i definitely wanna try this :slight_smile:
It could be extended to do a pause when the process is done, and say “Unzip now to the Dir” and continue by pressing enter, so it then restores the 2 config files :slight_smile:

Where to find the newest OH2 distro?
Thought it was here:

Seems like the OH2 build is only in .deb file format - rest is OH1?


Arh… it’s all OH2 - just the .deb is names OpenHab2 - the rest is only named OpenHab… But it is version 2 :slight_smile:

I’ll try to update :slight_smile:

Yes, for Windows just download either the “offline” or “online” zip file.

Yes - and follow your guide here:

With the latest update there are some improvements that should de-risk the updating process from now on. Just remember to keep your addons.cfg & runtime.cfg files.

Hmm yes okay… then i only need to restore the userdata and conf folder and the two config files?

I now don’t use the script I wrote as the following is faster and I have done it so many times now…

Delete the following folders (in Windows Explorer):


Then extract the snapshot zip file into c:\openhab… but don’t tell it to skip any files, i.e you make a choice for each directory or file. Then when the addons.cfg and runtime.cfg come up for replacement say NO for each file.

Yes ok - or simply restore them from backup… That makes it lot faster now for updating… I needed to do it the “old way” from Beta 4 up til now… but now it’s easy :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I’ve just updated my snapshot release yesterday by extracting the latest offline-snapshot to a new directory. Then I copied conf and userdata without the cache and tmp directory from the old release to the new one.
After starting up OH2 all the things were missing and I had to rediscover them… what’s wrong with my approach?

Regards, Christian

Please see the link below. The database used for storage of things & items etc… has been changed.