How to upgrade from 2.2 to 2.4 on Synology DS?

I’m a bit lost with all the different posts around how to upgrade to the latest version of OH2 on a Synology DiskStation.
I really appreciate if someone can explain the steps to take to complete this task ?

Here is my current setup:

  • Synology DS216+
  • OH version
  • Bindings installed via PaperUI (Astro, AVM, TR064, Homematic, HTTP, Hue, Network, NTP, no ZWAVE Binding)
  • Items installed via PaperUI (Item linking = Simple Mode)
  • conf and userdata are located in /volume1/public/openHAB
  • public folder is backed up on my PC, with HyperBackup daily and using ./backup from CLI

What is the best method to do the upgrade and restore the existing configuration without trouble ?

Via Package Center in DS ?
potential steps to take via Package Center:

  1. Stop OH
  2. uninstall the current version 2.2
  3. Load latest SPK from
  4. Install SPK using this procedure: by using the same public share folder path: /volume1/public/openHAB/conf/
  5. overwrite/replace public folder from installation with data from backup
  6. RUN OH via package center

Would that work ? Am I missing something ? Is something wrongly stated ?

Or is it better to perform the upgrade via ssh to the DS and perform commands via the command line ?
If this is the better approach, pls let me know the steps to perform.

I want to be on the safe side when performing the upgrade.

Any advise is appreciated,

Best regards Markus

Also, I wouldn’t restore the userdata folder. copy over individual files but don’t blanket copy the whole folder.

Thanks Scott, really appreciated.

two more questions,

Q1: Which of the user data folders below do you want me to restore from backup ?


Q2: What happens to the bindings ? Where are they stored and what happens to their settings configured originally in PaperUI ?


Not necessaril full folders, but the ones most important to save/restore are:
jsondb (this is all the paperui stuff as i understand it)
config/org/openhab/habpanel.config (if you’re using habpanel).

Most of the rest of the stuff in config/org/openhab will be rebuilt.

Check your conf/services/addons.cfg
If it looks like this


then your bindings will reinstall themselves (unless you have manually installed some by putting them in the addons folder).

It’s going to be at least a little painful to upgrade, so bear that in mind. With the above stuff safely backed up the pain should be minimal.

Thanks Scott,Just one more question on the sequence of events during installation to be clear:

  1. Once the new OH SPK is installed on the DS via package center, I prevent the application from starting right away.
  2. Then I ssh into the server and replace the default files from the install with the ones from my backup including the addons.cfg as you suggested.
  3. Once that’s complete I start the updated OH application for the first time and it will pickup the conf and userdata including loading e.g. the bindings acc to addons.cfg (there are no manually installed bindings outside of PaperUI), I’m assuming it will load the latest version of the bindings, pls confirm …

Is this a correct sequence of steps to get it done ?

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@madi Lots of permissions changes too. Reinstalling means it removes the openhab user which resets all the permissions. Try to fix them using the ui instead of the cli. There’s some difference in the way the two work and the ui is more correct. Next time @me I’m missing these notifications