How to use advanced parameters in the configuration of ZWAVE devices (Aoetec siren/doorbell 6 ZW164)


I am new here… Can anybody help me? I haven’t found anything about my problem yet:

I bought a ZWAVE Aeotec Siren (ZW 164) and included it into openhab.

Unfortunatley all items have read only channels. In the documentaion I get the information that the advanced parameter will not show in the user interface without entering advanced mode.

But I don’t know any advanced mode. What exactly does that mean? Where can I set it?

I have disabled the simpIe mode for the intem linking. But that’s obviously not the point. I installed the standard Version of openhab. Would that be the solution?

Thank you in advance

Apple Jack

Click on “show more” and you should see all available channels

Thanks for your quick answer. I know this button from other devices. But for ZW164 there does not exist anyone although the documentation for the ZW164 describes the advanced mode.

What’s my mistake?

Ah! I see the parameters in the configuration of the device. But I don’t know how to use them. Does anybody have an idea? I actualy want to controll the siren and use the channels in some rules…

Any updates on this? I have the same device and also only have read only channels.

Hello Derekj,

unfortunately, not. I have pushed my issue into the future. But of course I’m still interested in the answers …

Best regards

Apple Jack

If you wish updates, perhaps follow the GitHub issue here.