How to use an existing script directly with Alexa?

I am usin OH 4.1.1. on a Windows PC with an Amazon Echo Dot. I can use currently Alexa to turn on/off a light which is configured in OH.
On the other hand I have several rules in OH which I would like to use directly with Alexa. When I go to module and select a light for example, I can choose under metadata “scene” but I do not understand the logic behind because in this case it is only a light source selected.

Is it possible to use an OH scene directly with Alexa? And if yes how can I do that?

Thanks for the help!

I have created a virtual switch in OH and exposed this to Alexa.
Within Alexa you can turn on the switch and trigger a rule by this event. The rule should turn off the switch again.

Not sure how this will work with scenes

Similar approach I took. A virtual switch in openhab used to trigger a rule that executes what I want done. Then expose the virtual switch to alexa for control. Or to homekit, or google, or any combination of voice agents you may have.

The other option is to build the scene in alexa directly.


Unfortunately, OH scenes don’t have the ability to configure the Alexa metadata currently. So it is not possible to directly control an OH scene with Alexa.

However, as others have mentioned above, you can use a proxy switch item configured as an Alexa scene, and create a rule that uses that item as trigger and set your OH scene as action.

Thanks for all answers. I thought there is a much eleganter way to do that - but it works!