How to use hue binding 2.4.0 in 2.5.5? How can I downgrade?

Dear all
I know, that his has been discussed now several times.
After migrating to Openhab 2.5.5 the hue binding still misses a lot of events from the hue dimmer switch.

I downgraded to 2.4.0. In 2.4.0 the hue binding works perfect.
Due to the fact that I have to use 2.5.5 because of some Chrome constraints from HabPanel, I like to downgrade the hue binding, only.

How can I manually downgrade the hue binding to 2.4.0?
If I need an additional JAR, where can I find it?

Cheers Michael

Here are some older jar files but no 2.4.0

Thanks a lot.
I’m currently running OH 2.5.5 out of a container.
I pulled now the 2.5.5-Snapshot image instead of the release build.
Surprisingly it has a hue 2.5.6-snapshot binding, which works fine for me.