How to use maconline channel correct in TR-064 binding

Hey guys,

I used the “Fritzbox-TR064” binding on Openhab 2.5 for presence control.
Yesterday I updated to openhab 3 and noticed that this binding isnt available anymore.
So Im going with “TR064-Binding” now. Setting it up and creating a thing for my FritzBox worked fine. Created an uptime item already which is already working fine too.

But unfortunately I dont get my maconline items running again and the documentation doesnt give good examples on how they have to look.

Anyone can help?

This is how it looks at the moment:

Switch         HandySoeren  "Anwesenheitsstatus Sören"  <presence>  (Anwesenheit)  {channel="tr064:fritzbox:accb8f6aea:maconline:3A:44:13:8C:DB:44"}

And this is the working uptime item

Number FritzboxUptime "Fritzbox online" {channel="tr064:fritzbox:accb8f6aea:uptime"}

Did you add the lan subdevice? You need to add that, enter the MAC-addresses in the configuration and then the channel is available on the subdevice.

Thanks man
Missed that little line in the documentation. Is working now. Thanks a lot.

In my opinion the “Fritzbox-TR064” was a little more comfortable to config than the “TR064-Binding” but therfor it has some more cool channels which the old one didn’t had.

Already added some more stuff I didn’t thought about before

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