How to use maps in Groups

Hi Team

Need some help with grouping of items.

Goal is to have one entry at a sitemap which shows ‘Home’ if one of the items are ‘on’, and by clicking the line, lists all the items in the group with their status. Simple :wink:

Items are network devices – based on the ‘Network Binding’.
They are of the type switch.

Switch Dad “Fars Mobil” { channel=“network:device:192_168_2_203:online” }

But this is only a ‘view’ value, so no need for ‘switch’, so adding a map

Switch Dad “Fars Mobil [MAP(]” { cha…

And in Sitemap:

Text item= Dad label=“Fars Mobil”

With onoff map:

OFF=Ude (out)
ON=Hjemme (Home)

So now it says out or home. – works fine.

But would like to get it to work with more than one device, so it shows one line that says ‘home’ if just one of 3 devices are online.

Using a Group in items:

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) DadHome “Dad”

and adding (DadHome) to items
and in sitemap, adding

Group item=DadHome

Works fine for grouping, but I’m now missing ‘maping’ it says On or Off, and it gives a count of the number of devices active.

I would like to just have a line that says ‘Dad Home’ (or out), and when clicking, it shows the devices in the group, and not with a switch setup.

How do I do this ??


Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) DadHome "Dad [MAP(]"

Switch Dad "Fars Mobile [MAP(]" (DadHome) {channel...



Group item=DadHome
  • The sitemap label takes precidence over the label defined in the Item
  • The [MAP(] only applies to that Item’s label. The state of the Item is still just ON/OFF. So you have to define the MAP on the Group as well.
  • To get a subpanel with all the members of a Group you need to put it on the sitemap as a Group.

Hi Rich

Thanks for your responds…

By doing as you describe:


Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) MobilPhone “Aktive mobil [MAP(]”
Switch Presence_Mobile_Dad “Fars Mobil [MAP(]” (MobilPhone) {channel=“network:device:192_168_2_203:online” }

Just one member in the Group at first…


Text item=Presence_Mobile_Dad label=“Fars Mobil” icon=“network”
Group item=MobilPhone

I get this:

-Questions: Is it possible to get the ‘Hjemme’ to be bold at the group also ?

Selecting the Group:

-Here I had expected to get the ‘Hjemme’ value in stead of the Switch (on). How do I get the MAP value displayed here ?



Not that I know of. I’m surprised they are not treated the same.

When members of a group are displayed under a Group element, they are displayed using their defaults. In this case the default is to use a Switch element for Switch Items. If you want to override this behavior you cannot use the Group element. Instead put the use a Text element with {} and define reach subelement individually.

Text item=MobilPhone{
    Text item=Presence_Mobile_Dad label="Fars Mobil" icon="network"