How to Use MQTT to Alert User using Android Phone

Hi , I have openhab2 configured on Rasberri Pi, I Have openhab app installed on Android Phone.

I want when Suppose for example If I Switch On Lights (Phillips Hue) by switch. My Openhab app shoud be updated and all my lights button on android app should be in On State.

How should I Do this. Is MQTT will Help me in this?? If yes , Is there any tutorial On That???

you seem to be a new user to openHAB. You should start by reading the documentation and following along a few examples. What you are asking for is easy to achieve (that’s what openHAB is made for) but you’ll have to go at it step by step.

  • Integration of Philips Hue lights is done through an add-on. Read up on that.
  • Presentation and Control of Switches on the Android app is done by defining a Sitemap in openHAB. Read up on that.
  • MQTT is not needed for your simple use case.

A few links:

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