How to use Openhab with ROS?

(Samira) #1

I used the following link to Openhab with ROS:

I have run openhab, truly.
In the installing section in the above link (in 3. Edit iot_bridge/config/items.yaml and 4.Edit Openhab’s item file ), I faced with some problems. I mean, I do not know how I can create the ROS group: Group ROS (All) add the (ROS) group to each item that should send status updates to ROS.

Please, guide me.
Thank you.

(Rich Koshak) #2

Create a file that ends in .items in the /etc/openhab2/items folder with the content lasted at the end of step 2.

(Samira) #3

Thank you very much.

(Samira) #4

I have written a code with ROS and OpenCV. I want to use IOT (Openhab) for my code, but I do not know how I can connect between them.
How can I connect iot_bridge package with my package? I mean, I want to show Openhab my video.

Please, guide me.
Thank you.