How to use rest api too disable thing

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Hoping for some pointers and too learn something new

Problem: i’m using the binding for hive but having some problems with the thing going offline this is extremely annoying as i loose control over my thermostat

Solution: using paperUI too disable and then re enable the thermostat thing so i wanted too create a rule too do this automatically using openhabs rest api but this is where i need your help i have not used the rest api yet so don’t know how too achieve this i just know its possible

rule "Termo thing Offline"
    Thing "hive:thermostat:d459f1" received update OFFLINE
//disable thing 

rule "Termo thing Disabled"
    Thing "hive:thermostat:d459f1" received update UNINITIALIZED (DISABLED)
    // enable thing

Searching this forum for ‘rest thing disable’

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Thanks for that will read it i’m sure the solution is there :slight_smile: