How to use semantics parents?

This is the list of semantic tags

Can I reference the parent name in things like repeaters and JS rules?

For example, there are multiple WhiteGoods.

Can I somehow repeat all WhiteGoods without having the specific tag ‘WhiteGood’ and just tag things ‘Oven’, ‘Dryer’ etc?
Same goes for location tags, Door tags, and one or two others

Same question for rules when filtering items etc.

Just filtering and repeating tagged items using ‘WhiteGood’ doesn’t work

For the semantic model, each Item should only have one Equipment, Location, or Point tag. Items that have a single Point tag can optionally have a Property tag. This is pretty basic and I’m sure you understand it but I wanted to make sure this was clear. You cannot have both the tags WhiteGood and Dishwasher (for example) on the same Item.

As far as I know, the semantic tags hierarchy is not directly accessible anywhere in the user facing parts of OH. HABot is the only thing in OH that I’m aware of that currently uses this hierarchy. Therefore you’ll either need to apply a different non-semantic tag or use a Group to associated these Items with each other independently from the semantic tags.

Note that there is a getEquipment and getLocation pair of Actions that can be used in rules to navigate the semantic hierarchy and I believe this is also available as a variable in MainUI widgets. But the hierarchy of the tags themselves is not available.

Thanks for the explanation.
Maybe this is a feature request then. It makes a lot of sense to be able to use these groupings, I’ve had to get creative to do things like “if any motion sensor on the Ground Floor…” or “if any of the Doors…”

As with any request for something like this, an issue will be required on the openhab-webuis repo.