How to use SONOS CurrentAlbumCoverArt or CurrentAlbumCoverArtURL correctly?

Can someone please help me, getting AlbumCover work in BasicUI?

At the docs of SONOS-Binding currentalbumart and currentalbumarturl are listed as supported channels.
I’ve added them to my sonos.items file:

Image  Sonos03Kueche_CurrentAlbumCoverArt	"AlbumCover [%s]"	 	{channel="sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_5CAAFD43AE8601400:currentalbumart"}	//Cover art of the album currently playing
String Sonos03Kueche_CurrentAlbumCoverArtURL	"AlbumCoverUrl [%s]"	 	{channel="sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_5CAAFD43AE8601400:currentalbumarturl"}	//Cover art URL of the album currently playing

In PaperUI/Controls it works out of the box:

But not with BasicUI or HABdroid.
Seems like I don’t know how the element type “IMAGE” is used correctly in openhab.sitemap file.

The docs say:

Image [item=<itemname>] [icon="<iconname>"] url="<url of image>" [label="<labelname>"] [refresh=xxxx]

I tried this ways without success:

Image item=Sonos03Kueche_CurrentAlbumCoverArt url=Sonos03Kueche_CurrentAlbumCoverArtURL	label="[%s]"	icon="none"	
Image item=Sonos03Kueche_CurrentAlbumCoverArt 	label="[%s]"	icon="none"
Image url=Sonos03Kueche_CurrentAlbumCoverArtURL	label="[%s]"	icon="none"	

I’ve been searching the forum for a long time, but I couldn’t find a answer.

Does anybody know, what’s my mistake?
Is there another way to display the AlbumCover?

@Lolodomo and @watou Am I right, that you have been involved in developing the sonos-binding? Maybe you can helb me?

Thx in advance for any help.

I use openHAB 2.1.0~20170227013157-1 (Build #814) and
193 | Active | 80 | | Sonos Binding

Edit 2: Update to the latest versions didn’t change anything.
openHAB 2.1.0~20170507040348-1 (Build #909)
180 | Active | 80 | | Sonos Binding

Sorry, I forgot to answer.
Here is how to use cover art image in a sitempa:

Image url="http://domain/xxx.jpg" item=SonosSalonAlbumArtUrl

url has to point to a default image that will be used in case Sonos is providing no image.

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Many thanks for this solution, which works great with BasicUI!

But unfortunately not yet with HABdroid. (Latest version)

Do you have any idea why not?

Yes, Image items are not yet supported in HABdroid. I hope this will be added one day.
Image items are supported in Classic UI and Basic UI.


Image items are also supported by Paper UI as you noticed.

To come back to HABdroid, if you use the string URL channel, there is another known problem encountered with Sonos :

Thank you very much for clarifying that.
Nevertheless, great job. :+1: