How to use the binding I contributed to?

I just did some work on the venstar thermostat binding which has been merged into the main repo last week. I can’t for the life of me work out what I now need to do to actually use it on my OpenHAB setup. Where can I get the .jar from and how do I include it in my system?

This is just a guess, but try from here.

Put it in the addons folder

Alternatively, if it’s been merged then your changes will be available in the snapshots. If you upgrade to 3.1 SNAPSHOT or, if by chance it was merged before 3.1 M5 you can upgrade your whole OH and install and use it normally.


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I missed the obvious…

Thanks @Bruce_Osborne and @rlkoshak . I now have the binding available and it works. Just so I understand why it works…When I include the .jar files in my addons folder, how do I inform openHAB they are there? Unfortunately I did several things at the same time, some of which probably made it work, but I have no idea which ones :slight_smile: . I included the .jar files in addons folder, I did an apt-get update/upgrade, deleted the original Thing with the old binding, and then I restarted my raspberry pi. Then I added a new Thing and the binding Channels appeared correctly. Also, is it necessary to include both the “SNAPSHOT-sources.jar” and the “SNAPSHOT.jar” files in the addons folder? It might be worth documenting this process better in the openHAB documentation (I’d be happy to do it, provided I know the right answer…)

It automatically looks there for it

It will function but not show as installed in the UI.

The process is ususally:

  1. uninstall the old binding
  2. drop the jar file into addons
  3. if necessary (e.g. there are new Channels) rediscover/recreate the Things

Nothing else you did had any impact on this.

Note, when upgrading OH, the process is very much the same. Install the upgrade. Look in the announcements to see if something changed which requires rediscovery/recreation of the Things. If not you are done. If so you need to rediscover/recreate the Things. It’s very rare that the last step is required.

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