How to use Weather 1.x Binding in OH2?

I would like to add some weather forecasts to my system, so I can access them via rules. Unfortunately, the 2.x Yahoo weather binding is only very basic and has no forecast data.

For that purpose I tried the Weather binding, and followed these instructions after having installed the weather binding:

Even after a restart, I don’t see the binding in my list of bindings, and none of the items nor the sitemap are showing up. This is my first go at using a 1.x binding in OH2, so I am probably missing something really basic. I tried searching the forum, but couldn’t find any info on what I may doing wrong.

Can anyone be so kind to point me in the right direction?

How did you install the Weather 1.x Binding?
You should use the PaperUI to install it.
Afterwards, fix your weather.cfg and use a provider (I use Wunderground)

Exactly, I used PaperUI to install it. I then followed the instructions according to the link above, but did not do anything else.

Ok, there was some problem with my items file. I need to look into sitemaps next to display my items. Climbing the learning curve… :slight_smile: