How to wire 3 way Feit smart dimmer switch with the light in the midlle

Having difficult time figuring out how to wire this. Can anyone help?

So I am familiar with 3 way switch wiring, but it seems every smart manufacturer approaches the problem slightly different. Some require a regular dumb switch on one end, some require a special one. Some need to rewire the dumb switch, some don’t. There are also at least two scenarios depending if the “Line (power)” is in the same box as the “load (wire to light)” There should be a diagram in the package. Impossible to do across the internet (IMHO). Call an electrician??


I’d also add my familiarity is in the USA, I would think it would be the same, but really do not know.

Unfortunately there are no instructions with this type of configuration in the Feit packaging.

maker’s video
maker’s docs

Thanks Rosco.

I’ve already seen the video and have a copy of the instructions.

What it doesn’t show me is how to wire a 3 way with the light in the middle of the circuit.

Wiring schematic from Feit instruction


Wiring schematic with light in the middle


I have a 3 conductor line + ground (Black/White/ Red) going from switch one to the light fixture. Then another 3 conductor line + ground (Black/White/ Red) from the light fixture to the Feit smart dimmer.

In your diagram you have 4 conductors coming to the smart dimmer. I’m short a conductor. That’s the part that is confusing me.

Rocco, I think I just have my smart and regular switch in the opposite positions. I’ll report back once I switch them over. Thanks for the diagram.


my idea won’t work either because the regular 3 way switch needs to be connected on the line side based on the instructions.

This is how my wiring looks. Just doesn’t want to work.

Where does power get into this closed system? This makes a difference as to how many conductors you need from here to there.

What I think will help you is to remove the fixture and look at the wiring there. I do not think you have two black both connected to the Light. My guess is that there is a black connected to a red in the fixture box.


Here is the flow. Power into the regular three way switch. 3 conductor from the regular 3 way switch to the light fixture. 3 conductor from the light fixture to the smart dimmer.

Can’t do it then. You need at least four conductors at the dimmer; power live, power neutral, lamp, remote switch.

That is what I was afraid off. I guess what I could do is abandon the 3 way switch and turn the light into a single switch. I really just wanted the dimming capabilities and can use the app for on/off functionality.

I mentioned earlier that all these smart switches are different, but every one I have had requires the smart switch in the box with the line. A box will either have 3, 5 or 7 conductors (excluding the grounds) That would give you the four wires that you need. Two (or four) are going to be connected, it just depends on the instructions.

The light only needs 2, so there is a connection in the fixture (see my comment above). I still think an electrician could help though…