How too close kodi on firestick?

Hi everyone

How do you close kodi running on a firestick using the kodi binding channel send system command

Sending the shutdown command too kodi on Windows I get the expected response kodi closes system shutdown

Sending the same command too kodi on firestick nothing happens

Hi Aaron,

I am afraid that is not possible. You are not allowed to “shutdown” a Fire TV Stick or an Android OS from Kodi. You have to use the “Quit” method which is not supported by the binding.

Hi again Christoph

Is there a plan too add quit too the binding or is it just not possible ?

Not yet. Feel free to open a feature request in OH2 repo.

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I just found this: Control your Amazon Fire TV (or every Android Device) from openHAB
maybe sending a “Homebutton” command would work for you? :slight_smile:

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I just gave up recently with the firestick for a kodi device

I have moved too a RPI 3 B+ Running LibreELEC but thanks for the suggestion

Hi all,

regardless if you need it or not, I have implemented a solution for it :wink:. It was on my to-do list anyways and I need it too.


Nice work thanks for that the reason I moved away from the firestick for kodi was many not because of openhab

This device was for my kids for kodi only and the firestick was not appropriate i needed a device i had more controll over

I Still have the firestick might give it a try it’s ok for an adult device