Howto get Homekit configured for IHC/ELKO?

I’m trying to use my IHC installation with HomeKit in order to get control of it through SIRI.
I succeeded the installation of the addons and I all my 200+ IHC inputs/outputs are automatically discovered in the Paper UI. I can even control them in the UI which is fine but useless.

I also see the Openhab item in the home application on my iPhone after making the pairing using the code.

Now I think I need to add the [ “Switchable” ] text at the end of the item lines in my .items file in order to get those output discovered in the home app.

The problem is that I have no .item file as all my outputs where automatically discovered and are located in the Mongo DB.

Anyone willing to help ? :wink:


Use REST API to add the tags.

This topic is for migrating from files to PaperUI but should help with understanding REST.

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Use the HomeKit holy grail: homebridge-openhab2-complete.
It uses the rest api as @H102 suggested.