Howto get to oh-1.8.3 persistence-bundle (jar)

An old system (1.8.3) runs since ever, but needs an additional persistence-bundle.
I gave it a try but can’t get further in achieving that persistence-bundle for oh-1.8.3 (downloaded sources, maven, … got errors).
Is there a way to generate such persistence-bundle for oh-1.8.3 at all?! If yes, how?
Otherwise I would appreciate if someone could provide the mapdb-jar!

I’m not sure the binaries for anything that old still exist. Last year the service used to host the jar files (Bintray) shut down and only binaries back as far as 2.5 are still hosted (which explains the Maven error).

The code for the 1.8 persistence add-ons can be found at If no one else has the jar file you might have to set up and figure out how to compile it yourself.

At least meanwhile I found this with binaries for oh 1.x

Still I wonder, if there is some document on howto get jar files out of the source code!