Howto (re)add - org.eclipse.smarthome.model.core - bundle:install via Karaf?

How can one via Karaf (re)add a bundle that was uninstalled ?

I’m looking for the proper syntax to (re)add my bundle/jar file “org.eclipse.smarthome.model.core-0.10.0.b1.jar” that’s located
in the openHAB runtime system installation directory …/openHAB/distribution/runtime/system/org/eclipse/smarthome/model/org.eclipse.smarthome.model.core

I deliberately uninstalled the “org.eclipse.smarthome.model” via Karaf bundle:uninstall and now want to re-install this back without using the “addon” directory way.

I’m basically searching for the proper syntax of the “bundle:instalL FILE:…l” command.



To answer myself… I found a way of doing things.

Under Karaf:

  1. Find bundle to be replaced: bundle:list | grep name
  2. de-install the binding that will be replaced: bundle:uninstall nnn (where, nnn is the number)
  3. install the new bundle: bundle:install file:…filelocation_of.jar.file
    In case an installed bundle won’t start (come to Active), perhaps this is due to unresolved OSGI “requirements” (why this happens, I do not know but one can check the unreadiness with: bundle:diag nnn) . For core/model bundles it might be needed to even restart openHAB.

Note: By this, one does not need to (re)place files in the bundle add-on directory.
A thing that I need to find out how to operate things by adding/replacing bundles using the “mvn:repository” syntax. Still unclear to me how this operates and specifically how I can add/change/remove MaVeN stuff, let alone to know the location.