Howto set a prefered Version of a Binding?


i’m struggeling with the 2.1.0 Astro-Binding and had success with the 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT which fixes some errors.

The Problem now is - i have the 2.1.0 KAR which seems to load automatically at startup and the 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT.kar which is only taken into account if loaded via gui manually. So - at ever startup my error is back.

Is there a way to tell in the config which version of the binding i like to load?

I also tried to delete the 2.1.0 from addons-folder. But this has no impact. (as i suggest that it loaded at startup from the net - but i am not sure).

There is an issue with the offline kar at the moment. It does not work.
Remove it, go to PaperUI -> Configuration and check the option “Access Remote Repository”.

Second step is: uninstall the astro binding via PaperUI, download the current jar and drop it into your addons folder.
Restart openHAB.

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