HS-WS100+ Central Scene


I got my first z-wave device that supports instant status and scenes, but are running into some issues when trying to use it. Looking at similar topics here, it seems that others are having some better success than me, so I must be doing something wrong and would need some guidance of what to do to get it to work.

  1. The switch have 3 z-wave channels according to habmin. 1 for the main switch and then 2 numeric for the scenes. But the when assigning an item to one of the numeric channels it automatically assigns the same item to both numeric channels. Is that the way it should work?
  2. Both the channels seems to be called the same name “Scene Activation” shouldn’t one be Central_Scene?
  3. When looking at other threads, it seems that people are getting a time value with status (Configuring ZWave Scenes). I do not see that in my log is
    zwave_device_<…>_node12_scene_number changed from 1 to 2
    Or from 2 to 1

I’m really trying to figure out what I need to do in order to use the double and triple tap functions in openHab to execute rules.

The channel names need to be changed in the database to avoid the duplication. I’ll update this in the next day or so.

There’s no easy way to pass the time into openHAB so this isn’t currently implemented.

Thanks Chris,

Are there any plans to try to implement to pass the time value to openhab eventually?

Also, I tried to look through the code to figure out where to make the modification for thee channel name, but I’m at a complete loss. Could you give me an idea of where to start looking?


What I would like is to allow additional attributes to be attached to a state update. So we could update the state, and your rule would reflect this, but you could then get these additional attributes such as time in the rule. At the moment though, this isn’t possible and there’s no easy way within OH to pass such information along with the state itself.

Can you describe what’s needed? I’m not sure I understand what you mean, sorry.


What I was looking for was approximately where to make the modifications for:

I looked for it a while back but did not really find any where that it was obvious to me to make this modification.

@chris I saw the latest build now includes the time parameter – thanks so much for your work adding this