HSB light with Google Assistant

Hi all,

I’m really getting desperate with my lights. They are simple light bulbs that only have two values in OpenHAB:
Color (HSB value)
Color Temperature (Kelvin)


I just can’t get it to work properly with GA. I have tried a Light Group with “Light” or “specialcolorlight” and the two values as “lightColor” and “lightColorTemperature”, but it doesn’t work. Either it doesn’t appear at all, or you can’t control the brightness, or you can’t control the color temperature. How do I specify this correctly?

Thank you!

Ok, I’ve got it!

You need the Light as Equipment and three items within this group:
Color as color
Color as dimmer (this is automatically the brightness)
Color temperature as a number

Now set the following in the GA metadata:
Group: SpecialColorLight. You must define the temperature range and the unit of your color temperature element (in most cases Kelvin)
Color as color: lightColor
Color as dimmer: lightBrightness
ColorTemperature: lightColorTemperature

After synchronization with GA it works perfectly.