Http and Rules

I see to be having a newbie moment. I have tried searching and while it appears that I am doing the context right its not working. So time to defer to the experts.

I have a DSC alarm system running Blue Iris. I want to do a rule that when the alarm mode is set to 1 the profile of blueIris changes. If I put the link in my browser with the credentials it works correctly. but when I try to do this rule it does not work. I am getting no errors in the logs either.

This is my rule:

rule "Cam Away"
Item PARTITION1_ARM_MODE updated to 1


Are you sure that the rule triggers on the right event?
If you add a logInfo command to the rule just before the http request, you can check that.

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that was it.

I need to change it to:

Item PARTITION1_ARM_MODE changed to 1

instead of updated to 1

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