HTTP Binding 3.0.1 and getState

Hi all,

I am currently migrating from OH2 to OH3 and wanted to migrate a couple of Rollershutters from OH2 to OH3.
I tried to setup the things via UI but

  1. I cannot find “stateMethod” via the UI (I need to configure stateMethod with get and commandMethod with post)
  2. Even when I just configure a thing with channel for the get method it looks like it is never executed. The value stays forever in state “UNDEF”.
  3. BTW the Command Method (when I configure it) works like a charm.

Did I miss anything?
Thanks in advance for your help

stateMethod has been introduced after 3.0 was release. It’s available in latest 3.1 Milestone.

cool thanks a lot for the quick reply.
I will update my system