Http binding - connection reset

I have a defined item
Switch LOCALWEATHER_observerreboot { http=">[ON:POST:]" }

and when the item turns ON (I do this by a rule at 1pm) it would like that the URL is called. (SImply accessing the URL does reboot a device and is needed as the device gets unstable after a while)

However the log shows:
2019-12-25 23:00:00.160 [ERROR] [ ] - Fatal transport error: Connection reset

  1. Anybody knows what I am doing wring?
  2. If you see a much simpler solution (e.g. without a item at all) to just “call” a URL at a given time please let me know.


You can do it in a rule using the Http action:

This seems an unsurprising result? Meaning, you’re not doing anything wrong - you reboot, you lose connection for a while.

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ahh ok
means it actually works … maybe :wink:
I will double check … thanks :slight_smile:

Presumably you have other Items for actual data from this device? You might need to do something to get them to recover after unexpected reset.

http binding + regex reads another html page from that device to my weatherstation items .
I think the http binding just would throw a single error when it reads during the reboot and it should work once the reboot is done without any further hacks… hopefully