Http-binding empty


I try to work with HTTP binding. When I try to add a new HTTP thing, the drop down is empty - nothing to choose.

I try to make a switch that’s sending HTTP to a URL.

Somebody know how to do?

Thank you

The HTTP binding is still version 1.x
There are no Things or channels, no PaperUI configuring.
The docs have examples of use

It’s probably worth starting to promote users to test the new 2.x binding though. HTTP binding - openHAB 2 version.

It’s still under test so may not be the best for new to openHAB users, but so far the little I’ve done with it seems to work. I don’t have much HTTP stuff left in my config though so am mostly creating little tests on my own.

Thanks for requests

Maybe one of you have a idea how to do:

Have a Raspberry with Kodi and a logitech squeezerbox installed. Now I want to switch Kodi togeather with a extern amp via OpenHab off . Because of a soundcard - kodi have to be shutoff, so I could unse the squeezerbox.

I found two http urls one for turn on, one for turn off Kodi. I need to send a http url after pushing a openhab button.

Any solutions?

You are heading down the right direction. Just follow the instructions for how to configure and use the HTTP 1.x binding found at

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