Http Binding, Error "given config key 'Item Definition http' does not follow the expected pattern"

Hi, I am trying to read some data from my SMA Home Manager from my inverter.

I use a script, which provides the data in json format like this:

“Timestamp” : { “DateTime” : “2016-06-07T16:51:08”, “Kind” : “Unspecified”, “__type” : “DateTime” },
“SelfConsumption” : 405,
“GridConsumption” : 0,
“ModuleTemperature” : null,
“PV” : 4543,
“BatteryChargeStatus” : 98,
“DirectConsumptionQuote” : 4,
“BatteryStateOfHealth” : null,
"__type" : “LiveDataUI”

My Item definition looks like;

Item Definition #Number BatteryChargeStatus “Akt Ladezustand” {http="<[http://xxxxx/]" }

I always get a error message:
16-06-07 16:16:10.798 [ERROR] [ab.binding.http.internal.HttpBinding] - given config key ‘Item Definition #Number BatteryChargeStatus “Akt Ladezustand” {http’ does not follow the expected pattern ‘.<url|updateInterval>’

i am a beginner, i cant find the fault! Please help me!


The wiki page that explains how to extract items from JSON format is

I haven’t used the http binding before, so other parts may be incorrect, but your item should look something like

Number BatteryChargeStatus "Akt Ladezustand" {http="<[http://xxxxx/$.BatteryChargeStatus)]"}


Thank you very much for your help! Its working now!

It was the wrong transformation; with JSONPATH it is working fine!