HTTP Binding for Energenie API - Getting cookie errors


I have a Energenie MiHome double switch socket that I’d like to be able to control from OpenHab, I’ve tried the energenie binding but given up and switched to using the http binding instead.

Using postman, I can successfully turn the lights on by sending a post request to with a request body of {“id”:} using basic auth with my encrypted username and password.

In my .items file I have

Switch Kitchen_Main "Main Lighting" (Kitchen)  { http=">[ON:POST:{Authorization=Basic <encryptedPassword>&Content-Type=application/json}:{'id':<lightID>}] >[OFF:POST:{Authorization=Basic <encryptedPassword>&Content-Type=application/json}:{'id':<lightID>}]" }

In my logs, when I press the switch (sitemap emitted) I get the following

2018-11-30 22:29:40.683 [WARN ] [he.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodBase] - Cookie rejected: “$Version=0; __cfduid=d20562f603d23cb7f357d6fc180386a281543616979; $Path=/; $”. Illegal domain attribute “”. Domain of origin: “

Anyone got any idea why? It almost looks like a cors type issue but then I would have thought it wouldn’t work in postman?

If anyone has successfully bound energenie switches I’d be interested in seeing how you did it!

You had a copy and paste error in your post. In the item’s definition in particular, the < and > are not showing properly.
Could you correct that, please.
Also &amp should be }

BTW, I have no idea about the solution for your problem.

I have the same warning with a different domain. Did you find a solution?