Http binding - how can I parse an url without calling a transformation service?

Hi community,

I want to use the http binding to get some values for some openhab items.
I have a specific URL for each Item that exactly contains the needed value…But it seems as If it is neccessary to give the ITEM a transformation service?

Number itemxyz "sometext" {http="<[http://myurl:60000:]"}

But this throws an error and does not work.

What’s the correct syntax for a url that needs no transformation?

Thanks a lot for your hints…


I ran into that a few days ago. While there is default for outbound, it seems to have been omitted for inbound, likely an oversight that you must work round.

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Thanks for your reply.
I also saw this posting and used it this way. It works, the items have the correct value. But now each minute this is written in the log for every item I handle this way (~10):

[.core.transform.TransformationHelper] - Cannot get service reference for transformation service of type REGEX

Ah, ok, found the answer at Cannot get exec binding to work [SOLVED]
REGEX-Transformation has to be installed first :wink:

Now it works fine. Thanks a lot!

You’d need to install the REGEX transformation service. When a transform fails (because the specified service is missing, for example) you get the whole string returned - which is what you want - but of course you also get the failure message.