HTTP Binding - is https allowed?

Please can anyone tell me if https bindings are valid ?
What is the exactly syntax ?
How is the certificate imported to cope with the asked https URL ?

There is one example on the README that uses HTTPS so I would guess that it does support HTTPS. It almost certainly uses the list of trusted CAs bundled with Java to validate the cert. I don’t know if it is configured to ignore validation errors or not. If not and if you are using self-signed certs you will need to import the certificate so Java will trust it.

Thank you.
Can you please tell me where I can find the example?


I’ll note that the only difference is “https” instead of “http”

thanks, exactly spaces are required for using urls with basic authentication.
syntax is:

String Lagerraum_Light_OutValue { http="<[https://raspberrypi/x.php{Authorization=Basic base64codedvaluehere}:2000:JSONPATH($.Lagerraum_Light)]" }
Switch Lagerraum_Light_Out { http=">[ON:POST:https://raspberrypi/x.php?lagerraum=true{Authorization=Basic base64codedvaluehere}] >[OFF:POST:https://raspberrypi/x.php?lagerraum=false{Authorization=Basic base64codedvaluehere}]" }