HTTP binding - Possible to include tomorrow's data as parameter

Hi all,
I’ve successfully configured HTTP binding to poll electricity prices from NordPool which works great, at this stage I only request for today’s price with “%1$” (the current date). My next step is to poll tomorrow’s price from NordPool, which I need to find a way to pass in tomorrow’s date as URL parameter. I tried to searched in the forum but couldn’t find any solution here. Does anybody know if it’s possible and appreciate any suggestion!

%2$ instead will use whatever you send to the linked Item as a command.
So then you might write a rule that runs periodically to issue a request with a command of whatever date you like.

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Hi, thank you for your reply! However I’m not sure I follow. I use HTTP binding to poll data from NordPool, and the URL returns a list of prices for each hour. I then create channels for each hour and create items bound to the channels. I only poll state from the site and don’t use command.
Which item does %2$ link to? URL is configured for things, and there are 24 items linked to 24 channels in my setup.

Any Item you like, create one for the job.
This Item is just going to be used to issue your command, so that you can make it different command each time.

It’s probably easiest to use by making a new write-only channel using %2$ in the commandExtension parameter. And of course turning off the autro-refresh of the Thing.