Http binding retrieved values not being shown in Android app and not stored in JDBC MySQL persistance


I’ve created simple PHP script which is logging in to my solar panels control panel (basic auth) and it is retrieving some values. I’m fetching this values using http binding and they appear in basic UI in browser but I don’t see this values in Android app (official) and one value which I’ve added to persistance (MySQL JDBC) service is not being saved in DB (I’ve selected onchange type of persistance mode).

I’ve also noticed that during browser refreshing values in basic UI are showing not right away (like showing last fetched value) but after time provided in item configuration file (refreshing every 10 seconds in my case).

Does anyone experienced similar issue?


I’ve changed transformation rules for http fetched item from regex to XPATH and now values are being stored to JDBC service but during first loading items in basic UI they contain value Err and then after refresh time being replaced to proper values. In Android OpenHAB app values are being showed the same. At the beggining they are showed as Err and then replaced to proper values.