HTTP Binding to show Usenet information

I am looking to integrate my Openhab sitemap with my Usenet setup to show information and stats. I assume the easiest method would be to use the HTTP binding but am having trouble understanding how to set it up. Looks like Home Assistant has bindings for both Sabnzbd Sonarr and Radarr

The all of the Usenet Aplications have open documentation of their API setups. I was thinking it could be set up similiar to the way that @ kubawolanin did for Pi Hole.

But I am stuck on how to set this up. Does anyone have this working already or can point me the right direction how to configure it? Thanks.

OpenHAB is so flexible, many times specific binding r not needed. What have you tries and what were the results?
This site of volunteers is to help you work through your configuration, not to provide a complete solution. You have provided no information on your system or what you have tried to enable us to help you. The Home Assistant forum is similar. In fact they took much of one of their threads from the link below.

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You note that there’s full API documentation. So the answer is very easy.
Read and understand the documentation, then put it to use.

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