Http binding


Is the http binding single threaded?
I have about 30 items with http polling to get the state.
And it seems that each item is polled in sequence.
So even if the polling interval is 1 second, it takes up to 20 seconds to get a new update because I think the http binding is polling in 1 hread.


I have no idea the answer to your question but I did have a question. Are all 30 Items getting the data from different URLs? If not have you tried using a caching config? In that sort of config the binding will call the one URL on a poll period and the Items will extract the data from a cached copy of that web page/xml/json/whatever. It might make a difference.

It’s 30 different URLs.

I’m writing a velbus interface ( that can be used to connect velbus with openHAB.
I wrote a webservice so openHAB can poll for changes, but I switched over to the REST API so I can push the changes to openHAB. This is much resource friendly and much faster.