HTTP ERROR 404 (PaperUI, ClassicUI)

@splatch The UIs redirect to the login page, I see the same on build #1388 - try it out yourself.

Sorry Lukasz … :frowning:
It does not matter what you enter

I entered the correct addresses, tried deleting browser caches, different browsers on different platforms - the entry pages still get redirected to their corresponding login pages.
E.g. redirected to

Too slow for kai and benno - typing on my phone :slight_smile:

I have created and think that this should fix the issue.
Will do my best to have this rolled out to openHAB by tonight.


In the meantime, if you’re stuck, this works for me :slight_smile: :


…if the modification of runtime.cfg is done after OH2 start


Thanks, @glhopital! The double quotes around false did the trick for me without restarting OH2.

Turning Karaf authentication off ( org.eclipse.smarthome.auth:authentication.enabled=false in /etc/openhab2/services/runtime.cfg) fixed that for me.
For those where that didn’t work, did you clear the browser cache ?

It appears that if you set

org.eclipse.smarthome.auth:authentication.enabled=false in /etc/openhab2/services/runtime.cfg

then reboot the problem returns, but if you edit the file again (I assume forcing a reread) the problem goes away. Not sure why this is happening but it in summary if you edit the file with a running openhab it will temporarily fix the problem, if you restart it will come back.

New distro #1389 includes this fix and works for me. No setting of any parameter should be required.


I just did the upgrade and can confirm it works for me too. - Thanks @Kai for getting this solution out there.

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I can confirm - with the new #1389 distro the problem has gone. Many thanks to all of you.

Yes, the lastest update fixes the problem. Thank you.

Still a no go for me.

Updated to #1389 via apt-get and cleared browser cache. I still cannot access PaperUI, BasicUI or ClassicUI. It’s still trying to redirect to /login.

Works well again with 1389.

and Karaf cache, too ?

Yes, that is done automatically when using apt-get but I issued an:
openhab-cli clean-cache
after the update just to be sure (after stopping openhab, of course).

I’m open to any other suggestions.

1390 works like a charm! :slight_smile:

@wborn: Do you have any guess when we might expect password protection for the UIs? Sounds like a very reasonable feature… :slight_smile:


Check (or maybe even better help on)!

Hmm, looking at my coding abilities, preferably I should not provide code :wink: