HTTP for weatherstation OH3

In OH2 i had a HTTP set up to look at my weather station web page, then with a REGEX picking the data from the Weather station web page. I then had an item set up to show Temp and LUX.

I have rules working with these values to turn on lights when it gets dark.

How do i set up OH 3.0 to look for the webpage?


Could be the same way. Depending on the HTTP binding you were using, if it was version 2 the same way would work. If you were using the (old) version 1 binding you need to change to the actual binding.

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I think it was the Version 1. Is there a simular binding or a better way of doing it?

Im currently rolling back to 2.5 as its a dealbreaker for me as i rely so much on it for rule triggering.

As said before the HTTP binding got updated to version 2, that way it could make the transition the OH3 ( all version 1 bindings can’t make that move).
Look into the documentation of the HTTP binding and make the move from within 2.5. After that you can make the move to OH3.

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