Http post with feedback

Hi folks,
how do i get an http item counter with status return?

What I have managed to do is that I can switch my receiver on and off via Openhab. But when I switch the reseiver on or off externally, I don’t see the change in status in Openhab.

But there is the possibility to request the status.

What I have:


Switch DB_power    "Dreambox [%s]"  {http=">[ON:POST:] >[OFF:POST:] ]" }

I get the status from the receiver as follows:*?<e2instandby>(.*?)</e2instandby>.*)

Output: and my


Now come to my question is it possible to implement everything in one item?

What I have built myself where no error appears in the logs but does not work:

Switch DB_power    "Dreambox [%s]" {http=">[ON:POST:] >[OFF:POST:] <[*?<e2instandby>(.*?)</e2instandby>.*:MAP(]" }

As I know the community you can help me. THX

I think there is a strong chance of this generating an infinite loop or something like that. I think you are better off using two Items and a Rule to synchronize them, or just the Rule and the HTTP Actions to query for the current state of the receiver.