Huawei LTE router statistic

How to do same with HTTP binding ? Most interesting part is authentication…

 #! / bin / sh
RESPONSE = `curl -s -X GET http: // / api / webserver / SesTokInfo`
COOKIE = `echo" $ RESPONSE "| grep SessionID = | cut -b 10-147`
TOKEN = `echo" $ RESPONSE "| grep TokInfo | cut -b 10-41`

curl -s -H "Cookie: $ COOKIE" -H "__RequestVerificationToken: $ TOKEN" -o Signal.txt

cat Signal.txt | grep rsrp
cat Signal.txt | grep rsrq
cat Signal.txt | grep rssi
cat Signal.txt | grep sinr

That looks like a pretty standard REST API. Most I have seen just use a token but I could envision adding a cookie too.

But HTTP binding wont handle it… how to solve this in easy way?

You might find some hints here.